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The art of mastering LinkedIn

Your Journey

“We strongly believe that when you build relationships with key players in your industry, and become a reference in your field, no obstacle can stop you. With LinkedIn, it’s possible.”
François Bernier

Psychology and Behavior of LinkedIn Users

Creating and Optimizing Your Personal Brand

How to Find Key Players on Sales Navigator in Order to Build a Qualified Community

Content Strategy; How to Have an Impact and Become the Leader in Your Industry on LinkedIn

Business Relationships Creation; Engaging Approach Strategy

How to Automate Processes in order to Save Valuable Time

Communication Strategy; How to Communicate with a Prospect

Partnership Strategy

Find Your Rare Gems on LinkedIn

Campaign Optimization; How to Continually Improve

How to Create Authentic Business Relationships and Sell to Your Leads

The Art of Retargeting

What is it about

Before taking action, it is important to understand the interests and behaviors of people on the platform. Introduction to “social selling.”

What is it about

This step is crucial in order to develop a quality network. Optimize your LinkedIn profile like a PRO without forgetting SEO.

What is it about

Apprehend Sales Navigator to build a list of prospects with whom to get in touch.

What is it about

What to publish? When to publish? How to easily and quickly create content? Here, we will show you how to share your values, vision and expertise in order to become a leader in your industry.

What is it about

Approach your prospects in order to spark their interest, but more importantly, to build trust between you and your prospect.

What is it about

Lay down an automation strategy to ease repetitive tasks.

What is it about

Once trust is established, how to bring the business relationship to another level. It is time to book a first call to further the relationship.

What is it about

Build an ecosystem of mutually beneficial partnerships on LinkedIn

What is it about

Find your ideal candidates on LinkedIn with an infaillible approach (it works every time).

What is it about

Optimize your campaigns with a few small changes. This module is crucial for an everlasting growth.

What is it about

How to use the questioning strategy and respond to objections in the selling process. Paul Lafleur expert from Question Z reveals it all!

What is it about

Retarget your audience to add them to your online ecosystem.

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Jonathan Scarfo

President, Mon Vendeur Personnel

You approached me through LinkedIn, I felt that you were different from others and I liked your approach. I thought it might be worthwhile to go listen to your advice. I did really well! I learned a lot and I am already getting results from this training. Great job!

Aurore Lenen

Directrice Marketing, Uzinakod

I had the opportunity to attend a training given by François and Vincent on “How to generate B2B leads” on LinkedIn. Full day rich in content, tips and tools to help develop your professional network for business. Great team dynamic, I recommend!

Gaelle Wormus

Sales Director FYTEXIA

I did not think I would learn so much about LinkedIn and get so many appointments thanks to this tool! The course facilitation and support from François are of a very high standard; he is responsive, answers all questions and we got to a very high level of prospecting when we could no longer see people face to face. This has given
our team great motivation to do our job differently as sales people in this changing environment.

Laurent Elkaim

Founder, Drako Media Group

The set up of the campaign went without any problems. I would also like to emphasize François’ professionalism. He understands his clients’ issues very quickly, his reaction time to requests for change is very fast and finally, it is a pleasure to work with him! Moreover, several leads allowed us to close some sales less than a month after the beginning of our campaign.

Marine Vincent

Marine Vincent Professional Coach

François is an excellent LinkedIn strategist and coach. Thanks to the strategy we put in place, I have significantly increased my network and visibility on LinkedIn. Obviously, this has resulted in more clients for my services. I would recommend François to anyone who wants to shine on LinkedIn.