Creation and
Management of Your Strategy

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B social network on the planet. According to LinkedIn, more than 756 million members participate in the platform experience. This is a unique networking opportunity for entrepreneurs!

Using LinkedIn to network allows you to meet the people behind the companies before sales even cross your mind. It also creates powerful and lasting relationships.

Join us on this adventure.

“We strongly believe that when you build relationships with key players in your industry and become a reference in your field, no obstacle can stop you. With LinkedIn, it’s possible.”

Step 01

The birth of the king

Creating your personal branding. Would you go to a company trade show in your pajamas? No… Then why isn’t your LinkedIn profile optimized? Your story and purpose deserve to impress your network. If they have interest in you, they’re going to be have interest in your company.

Step 02

Build your territory

Create business relationships. Get ready to make business connections that will change the path of your business. There are no more barriers between you and your ideal target. Want to challenge us to meet Elon Musk? We’ll take any assignment.

Step 03

You are the king of your kingdom

Here, you’ll shine in front of your community. Through an impactful content strategy, your LinkedIn network will perceive you as THE reference in your industry. You will inspire your market with your story.

Step 04

Create an alliance with an experienced fighter

Making you unique is our goal…

Step 05

Conquering new territories

Now your entire team is reaching out to different markets. With our innovative B2B development strategies, in addition to our relationship and culture-based recruiting, nothing will stop you. This is where eternal growth begins.

Collaborate with the Horizon B2B team
and let us lead you to
unprecedented growth.

Laurent Elkaim

Founder, Drako Media Group

The set up of the campaign went without any problems. I would also like to emphasize François’ professionalism. He understands his clients’ issues very quickly, his reaction time to requests for change is very fast and finally, it is a pleasure to work with him! Moreover, several leads allowed us to close some sales less than a month after the beginning of our campaign.

Rock Bérard

Rock Bérard Management and HR Coach

Working with Vincent and his team members is a charm. For an online trainer in Human Resources and Management like myself, Vincent’s contribution has been phenomenal in significantly increasing both my visibility on LinkedIn and my number of contacts. Other direct positive effects: increasing my private FB group membership and eventually my sales! I recommend Vincent’s services, if you are self-employed and don’t know where to start or how to optimize your LinkedIn experience. 5 stars.

Maxime Beaudoin

President, KC&C

François is a real LinkedIn expert. He understands B2B issues very well. Together, we perfected a strategy that allowed us to develop a series of strategic partnerships. What I liked best was his iterative and measurable approach. It allowed us to adjust our message and learn more about our market. I highly recommend him.

Claude Olivier Girard

CEO, Losange Finance

“Vincent and the Horizon B2B team were a strategic asset to ensure the sustainability of my business during the first months of COVID-19.

I had to completely shift my business development via LinkedIn, and Vincent’s services proved to be very well-structured, turnkey, and ESPECIALLY effective. At times, I even had to refuse to meet qualified prospects because of lack of time: I had more than 25-30 meetings per week.

If you want to stay in your comfort zone and grow your business the old-fashioned way with traditional methods, NEVER get in touch with Vincent because you will be shocked.”